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Maine Central RR - RY-2 at Whitefield




11 AM: MEC RY-2 arrives at the famous Whitefield ball signal protecting the crossing of the B&M. The train pulls onto the B&M to pick up some interchange cars.

5 Jan 1966

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A classic !!



 Here is a view of the entire 5-unit consist: in the lead is #684, trailed by 576, 561, 671B, and 671A.



 The clouds are thinning by the time RY-2 completes her pickup, sets the signal for the proverbial "high ball", and heads on to St Johnsbury.



Aah - the good ole days! 

40 years later the ball signal is still there, although the shanty and roadbed are showing the ravages of time.

21 Sep 2006