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  • Mt Washington Cog Railway

    Most of these pictures were taken on 28 Aug 1966, on one of those perfect NH mountain days. When a clear day like this comes along, you forget whatever else you might have had planned for the day and head for Mt Washington.

    Sylvester Marsh began construction of the Cog Railway in 1866, and it was completed in 1869.

    We've started up the mountain. Up ahead the train ahead of us is taking on water at Waumbek Tank, elevation 3700'.

    #3, "Base Station", on the way down. We're on the siding at Gulf Tank, elevation 5400'.

    Here is #6, "Great Gulf"on a cloudy day at Marshfield Base Station at another time.

    The engine crew is tending to #2, "Ammonusuc" at the summit.

    #2 has started her downward journey.

    #6, "Great Gulf", nears the summit. We rode this train back down the mountain later.

    Here #6 passes the old summit water tank.

    #8, "Tip Top", nears the summit. In the background is the old Air Force test facility.

    Almost there - #8 just below the summit.

    We're on the down train, with #6 at the helm. We're approaching Waumbek Tank and will pass the up-bound train, which has pulled onto the siding.

    A great source for learning about the building and history of the Cog Railway is

    'Railway to the Moon", by Glen M. Kidder Courier Printing Co, Littleton NH 1969

    Visit the Cog Railway's homepage.