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Hobo Railroad

On a trip to northern New Hampshire in the fall of 2006, we made a stop at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln.

ex-MEC #958 at the Hobo Jct station.

Lincoln, NH

22 Sep 2006

#958 is pulling today's passenger run.

Here she's pulling away from the station with #1186 in the distance.

And aways she goes.

S-3 #1186 is a former B&M locomotive that also saw service on the Wolfeboro RR.

Although painted in the B&M scheme, GP-9 #1921 is of ex-GN, ex-BN, ex-MBTA heritage.

New England Southern #566 started life as a GP-9 built for the New York Central in 1955. She was rebuilt into a GP-10 while under Conrail ownership.

Tucked away in a canvas shelter is the famous B&M Flying Yankee, undergoing restoration.

White Mt & Atlantic #9060 is an ex-CP RDC-1. She later went to the MBTA.

New York Central # 2902-Cayuga Lake (ex Penn Central 2902, ex AMTRAK 5642, ex Maine Central 5642). Built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia in 1947 as a 56 seat passenger coach. Originally part of the New York Central’s “Great Steel Fleet”. It was sold by the Maine Central in 1977 to a private owner and is being restored as a luxury railcar.

Pullman Palace Car #100 was built by the Pullman Manufacturing Company for the President of the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad in 1928. Privately-owned now, the car being outfitted to make it Amtrak-compatible.

Built in 1956 for the Santa Fe’s “El Capitan” signature train, Amtrak #39907was among the first high level cars built for rail service. It was retired in the late 1990's and sold to the Hobo RR. It has since been re-sold and is slated for restoration.

An ex-MBTA flat car.

Also on the property are a number of privately-owned cabooses (cabeese?).

B&M #445 was built in 1944. The railroad up until then had mostly wooden cabooses, which could not take the force of a helper engine behind them.

CP Rail #434616 is a rather modern caboose, having been built in 1979.

#C-86 was built by Morrison International in 1958 on the steel frame of what had been a wooden caboose. Earlier numbers are 486 and 186.

There were no markings on this small transfer-type buggy.