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July 2013

mrtoad balance

26 Jul 13: "Phony scandals" - that's the catch-phrase that our Dear Leader uses to describe the goings-on that have enveloped his administration in his second term. I wonder if slain border agent Brian Terry's mother would classify "Fast & Furious" as a "phony scandal". Or would Sean Smith's Mom use that term for the Benghazi debacle that left her son dead, along with a US ambassador nd two others? Does James Rosen, a highly-regarded journalist, consider his being labelled a criminal by AG Eric Holder a "phony scandal". How about all the problems at the IRS - the targeting of conservative groups, the disclosing of financial data to political opponents, the millions spent on conferences? Are those things phony?


19 Jul 13: I hear that Warner Bros has licensed its characters to be used on underwear. Hmm, I think I want some with Woody Woodpecker.


18 Jul 13: Racism is alive and well in this country.....only it has been turned around. Now it's the white folks who have to live in fear of the followers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and the NAACP. The Zimmerman trial has shown this to be the case. Isn't it time we had a NAAWP? Yes, the killing of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy.  So was the killing of Nicole Simpson, yet blacks cheered when he was acquitted - where was the justice there? Just a few days ago, on 30 June, Joshua Heath Chellew was attacked at a gas station by 4 youths, who mercilessly beat him. In an effort to escape, he backed into the road where he was struck and killed by a car. Now how come the media has been ignoring this case? Might it be because the victim was white and his four assailants were black? Oh, wait a minute - investigators have said the incident was not racially motivated!


13 Jul 13: As if we needed more proof of our government's total dysfunction: Thanks to the elected idiots who wouldn't do their job and used sequester as a solution, the Department of Defense (DOD) is forcing 650,000 civilian workers to take days off without pay. Yet at the same time, that same Department of Defense is spending millions of dollars to protect creatures. For example, Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state just received a grant from DOD of $3.5 million dollars to buy land around the base to protect the Mazama pocket gopher - a creature listed as neither endangered nor threatened. Eglin Air Force Base in Florida is getting $1.75 million to protect tortoise habitat. Then, of course, there is the $34 million military headquarters building in Afghanistan that was just completed, despite military commanders having said three years ago they didn't need it. Since it is not wired to work on the Afghani power grid and the Afghani's can't afford to maintain it, guess what.....the US will probably tear it down without it ever being used! And still these clowns in DC want  more money from us. Where is the accountability?


9 Jul 13: So once again the esteemed Dear One has decided that he does not have to obey US law.  This time it's over aid to Egypt. US law states that aid must be suspended when a country undergoes a coup, like for instance what just happened to former president Morsi. Yet Obama does not want to halt aid and thus refuses to call Morsi's ouster a coup. This from a guy who professes to be a constitutional lawyer.


6 Jul 13: Yet another example of the disdain of Washington for the taxpayers: the State Department has spent $630,000 on an advertising campaign to urge people to "Like" the State Department. Are you kidding me? Some person in the State Department had to signed off on that expenditure - he or she should be reprimanded and fired.


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