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May 2010

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28 May 10: I've been taken to task by a reader for my Musing about President Obama skipping the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns this year. Although I did not intend to imply that previous presidents had a perfect attendance record, it turns out their record is worse than I thought, although in some cases there were perfectly vaild reasons for their not participating.

Reagan: missed 4 ceremonies during his 8 years.

1981 - he had been shot just 6 weeks earlier and was recuperating at his ranch.

1983 - attended summit of world leaders in Williamsburg

1987 - he spent the long weekend at Camp David

1988 - attended summit in Moscow

George H. W. Bush - did not attend once in his 4 years

1989 - he was in Rome and participated in ceremonies at an American cemetery there

The other three years he was at Kennebunkport - boo!

Clinton - never missed once in his 8 years - good for him!

George W. Bush - missed in 2002. He was attending a ceremony commemorating the Normandy invasion.

Perhaps Obama should have asked CT AG Blumenthal to stand-in for him. <G>

Here's a little satire you might enjoy:


27 May 10: And our esteemed pols in DC wonder why their approval ratings are so low ?? Just another example of how they do business: Dems are loading down Obama's war funding with stuff that has nothing to do with the war: $23 billion to local school districts to prevent teacher layoffs; $6 billion to bolster the Pell grant program for low-income college students; and money to hire more border agents. So if a member of Congress is against the bailout of school districts (as he/she ought to be), he/she has to vote against the war funding....and we all know that isn't going to happen. It's just business as usual. The rules need to be changed so that issues (bills) are considered independently and must pass or fail on their own merits, and not get passed on the coattails of a totally unrelated bill.


26 May 10: Now we see what President Obama really thinks of our US military and the sacrifices of our soldiers, sailors and airmen. He is NOT participating in the annual Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and will not be placing the traditional wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns, as presidents before him have done. And what is more important than honoring our military? A trip home to Chicago.


20 May 10: I sure hope you all are familiar with SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, and its strong-arm, mob-like tactics. I sure hope you heard about their actions last Sunday, when they descended upon the suburban DC home of Greg Baer, an attoroney for Bank of America. SEIU claims that B of A, among others, is not doing enough to help people keep their homes, and the union sees nothing wrong with bringing 14 buses with 500 shouting "protestors" to a private home. Inside that home was a 14-year old boy, home alone on Sunday afternoon, while the rest of the family was at another son's baseball game. When Dad and the younger son got home, they found this mob covering their front yard and even up on the front porch. Dad called police, who refused to intervene, saying it might incite the crowd to violence. Gee, isn't it just great that our legal system refuses to protect the rights of private citizens and instead condones totally illegal and reprehensible behavior on the part of SEIU union thugs? And oh yeah, don't forget that Andy Stern, who just stepped down as SEIU president, is a VERY close confidant of Presbo and a member of the President's Fiscal Responsibility Commission.


17 May 10: Now I've heard everything! Did you know there's a plan underway to build a huge mosque right next to Ground Zero in NYC? Talk about "in-your-face". Feisal Abdul Rauf, a New York imam, is behind the project called the Cordoba Initiative, meant to build bridges between the West and the Muslim world. Let's face it: Muslims and the West have been at war for a thousand years or more, and nothing is going to change until one side or the other is eliminated. Period. Like it or not, that's the fact. New York is absolutely nuts if they allow this project to proceed.


15 May 10: Did you catch Attorney General Eric Holder's appearance before Congress the other day? In particular, his comments on the Arizona immigration law, which he had earlier said the federal government might challenge? It turns out he has never read the law, even though he has stated he's against it. Gee, Mr. Holder, it's only ten pages long - seems like you should have been able to take a look at it BEFORE jumping to conclusions.


14 May 10: What is wrong with this country? Now we have the girls' basketball team from Highland Park IL being told they cannot go to Arizona to compete in a tournament because of Arizona's new immigration law. How outrageous that these girls should be denied the chance of a lifetime because of some school official's sense of political correctness. Why is everyone so upset with Arizona anyway? They're only doing what the federal government will not do.


12 May 10: Once again more lies by our scalawags in DC have been revealed, again in conjunction with the costs of Obamacare. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now says the cost will exceed one trillion dollars over the next ten years. Why? The figures that were made public before the vote did NOT imclude $10 billion to $20 billion in administrative costs to federal agencies carrying out the law, as well as $34 billion for community health centers and $39 billion for Native American health care. Any idiot should have realized that there would be additional adminstrative costs and that they should be counted in the overall costs. I'm sure they did know but chose to exclude them to keep the figures down to help ensure passage of the bill. Whatever happened to honesty ??


11 May 10: Another basic part of good ole American democracy has just been destroyed, as Obama makes good on his sellout to organized labor. For 75 years, it has taken a majority of all workers in a shop to vote to unionize. But now the National Mediation Board, which oversees labor issues at airlines and railroads, now says that unions need to win only a majority of votes only from those workers who actually cast ballots in union elections, rather than from a majority of all workers who are eligible to vote. Next will be enactment of the very inappropriately-named "Employee Free Choice Act", which will remove workers right to a privately-cast vote in unionization efforts.


5 May 10: A caller on C-Span's Washington Journal yesterday had a great idea: our politicians in Washington should be treated like NASCAR drivers. They should wear suits covered with the badges of their "sponsors". That way we'd all know to whom they're beholden.


4 May 10: Score another one for our enemies: the Supreme Court announced that is closing the front door of the building, citing terrorism concerns. Once more we kowtown and show our weakness to those striving to bring us down. In a way, they're succeeding even without setting off bombs. On the other hand, there may be another reason for the Court's decision - perhaps they're afraid that the people they're supposed to be protecting may revolt against them. Heaven knows that in recent years court decisions have defied the Constitution and have not protected the rights of individuals.


3 May 10: Why can't anyone tell us the truth anymore? Politicians lie to us, the vast majority of the media lie to us (or at least shade the truth in attempts to influence our thinking. What happened to fairness, transparency, honesty? The two political parties and their supporters are so diametrically and violently opposed that no common sense middle ground is possible. You and I suffer as a result, our children will suffer even more, and our country is in grave danger.


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