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September 2010

mrtoad balance

30 Sep 10: Talk about Big Brother and loss of freedom and privacy: the government can now come onto YOUR property and place a GPS tracking device on your warrant needed. The government can force the phone companies to provide the location of your cell warrant needed. The government is pushing to require backdoors in internet encryption so they can get read your private warrant to be needed. And have you heard about the x-ray vision vans now patroling America? Originally designed for the military, 500 have been bought by police and other government agencies; they can see through walls to see what's going on inside YOUR warrant needed.


25 Sep 10: I've had the feeling for some time that Congress is a joke, and considering its approval rating in polls, many others agree with me. But now we have proof that it really is a joke: comdedian Stephen Colbert testifying in character before a House committee on immigration. He claims to be an expert on the migrant worker issue after working for one day in the fields with members of the United Farm Workers. Wow - what credentials!


21 Sep 10: A couple of days ago yet another internal memo/email surfaced from within the Obama adminstration discussing ways in which the Department of Homeland Security could invoke an amnesty program for illegal aliens without congressional action. Didn't these people swear in their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of this country? Why is Obama going after Arizona for its attempt to enforce existing federal immigration laws while looking the other way when cities and states do things to aid and abet illegals, such as sanctuary cities and issuing drivers licenses? The liberals all ranted about Bush's supposed abuses of power, yet Obama's actions make Bush look like a real amateur.


11 Sep 10: President Obama said yesterday that the Muslims have "inalienable right" to build a mosque near Ground Zero. I agree - they do. So what happened to the "inalienable right" for that church group to burn the Quran? I say they have the right to do so. Having said that, I think they're both bad ideas - pretty insensitive actions. But I don't understand Obama's championing the mosque while decrying the Quran burning. Our political correctness is all one-sided. Why is he so eager to kiss the a-- of the Muslims?


5 Sep 10: Interesting - Obama thinks it's perfectly all right to force Americans to prove they have health insurance. But....he doesn't think the government should ask people whether they're citizens. So all I have to do is refuse to identify myself and then "they" won't know whether I have health insurance or not.


1 Sep 10: In the face of polls that show continued opposition to Obamacare, with more crtitcs than supporters, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that the American people need to be re-educated on healthcare. Well gee, what did they expect with all the secretiveness of the process of ramming healthcare through? They lied to us about it all through the progress, and now we're being blamed because we don't know enough about it. I got news for you, Kathleen: re-education may not be the right approach, at least if you're truthful about it. The more you tell us about it, the less we are going to like it.


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