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August 2011

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27 Aug 11: Everyone who buys property on the coast should have to sign a release that if they choose to ignore storm evacuation orders then they are on their own and no attempt will be made by police, fire, Coast Guard or any other public agency to rescue them. Why should public servants roisk their lives for these morons? And in a similar vein, they should have to pay a whole lot more for insurance than those of us who choose to live inland. Why should I have to pay more for insurance so they can replace their house? If they want to live there, then they should assume the risks!


17 Aug 11: President Obama is on the campaign trail already, in the guise of it being official business. Of course, all incumbents do this, so I guess there's no point in complaining about it. He's supposedly out talking to folks about jobs and the economy; it's rather interesting, however, that his stops in the midwest are in areas with relatively low unemployment rates. His stop in MN was in a county with only 6% unemployment, instead of up the road a bit where the rate is 12%. Same in Iowa. Too bad he won't meet with the folks who are really hurting.

And oh yes, how about those two new Darth Vader buses we just bought him? 1.1 million each! And, to top it off, although they were outfitted in the US, they were built in Canada!


13 Aug 11: It's obvious we're doomed to failure with regard to the country's debt crisis. Our elected idiots in DC don't have the moral courage to say no to special interests and seriously tackle the issue; instead it's time for yet another committee. Well, we had one last year that put out an excellent report full of recommendations.....but it was ignored. Why is this next one going to be any different? Especially considering the people named to it - diehards from the extreme sides of each party who will never be able to come to an agreement. People like Sen John Kerry - my, what an open attitude he has. Last year he essentially said the public was stupid and didn't know what was good for them. More recently he said the Tea Party folks were dangerous and that the media should not give them any voice. What happened to free speech, Sen Kerry? There are plenty who think you and your progressive insaneness are dangerous to the future of America - I say the press should ignore you as well, then.


4 Aug 11: How much did you lose in the past week as the stock market went into nose-dive mode. Obviously the debt deal reached the other day was real effective - I seem to recall Obama and the left claiming the world would end as we know it if a deal wasn't reached. Well, they reached a deal....and the market still tanked today...down 513 points, on top of a similar decline over the past week. I don't think their deal was worth the paper it was printed on. And now they're talking MORE stimulus! You gotta be kidding me.


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