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October 2016

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27 Oct 16: Two days ago the FAA declared a no-fly zone through Nov 4 over the site of the Native American protest over construction of a pipeline. The zone covers a 7-mile radius, including the the camp where the protesters have gathered. Boy, that sure makes me wonder what the government has in mind that they don't want the public to see. Is this about to become an outrage like Ruby Ridge or a Waco and they do not want news helicopters circling overhead?


25 Oct 16: Notice that I haven't been ponificating lately about politics. What's to say? The rest of the world must be enjoying a hearty guffaw as they watch our so-called democracy in action. What a joke this has become: both candidates are flawed, the process is flawed, the flow of information is flawed. Too bad Donald couldn't have stayed on message with the issues without the personal attacks - he might have had a darn good chance of beating Hillary.


14 Oct 16: Yesterday ago I read an article in the Washington Compost about the famine in Nigeria, with thousands of people dying for lack of food. In the same edition was another story on the milk glut in this country - in the first eight months of year, farmers dumped 43 million gallons of milk because the price has decreased to where they can't afford to ship it to market. Now wouldn't you think that the greatest nation in the world could figure out a way to save that milk and get to Nigeria?


4 Oct 16: All the outrage over The Donald's supposedly not having paid income taxes based a multi-million dollar real estate loss is totally misplaced. It should be directed at the politicians of both parties in Washington who created the tax laws that made his loss declaration possible. It doesn't appear that Trump has done anything illegal - he only took advantage of Congress's laws. All power to him - no American can be expected to pay more taxes than the law requires.

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