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February 2018

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17 Feb 18: "See something, say something." That''s what we're repeatedly told to do if we see something that doesn't seem right, such as possible terrorism or youthful school-shooters. But what's the point? Nothing gets done - the recent Parkland, FL, school shooting lays out very clearly how inept authorities are in dealing with tips. The FBI had two tips, not just one, on the Parkland shooter, but nothing came of it. Just as nothing was done when the FBI was told about the Boston Marathon bombers or even 9/11. Added to the fact that authorities are inept is the very distinct probablity that you will be labelled a racist or an islamophobe if you say something.


16 Feb 18: Let's hear it for Joy Behar and her looney colleagues on "The View". Her latest demonstration of her liberal thinking was to mock Vice-President Mike Pence for his Christian beliefs, saying that talking to God is a mental illness. So I'm waiting for Ms Behar to call out Oprah, who has said that God has not yet told here she should run for president. How about some equal-time mockery, Joy?


13 Feb 18: California has joined with conservation and immigration groups to prevent the Trump administration from building a new border wall. I have a great idea: let's build the wall around CA and let the liberals have their own little progressive paradise all to themselves.


10 Feb 18: I have to say that I am VERY disappointed in our government's policy with regard to North Korea. Vice-President Pence blew an excellent opportunity to reach out to North Korea and to try and show that we are not the evil nation. Here he was sitting at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in the South Korean presidential box with the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jung Un right behind him. What a gesture it would have been had he reached out to acknowledge her, to greet her and to say something like "Let's let these Olympic games be the start of a new relationship between North Korea and the US". How fitting would that have been coming on the heels of that poignant rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine"?! It might not have accomplished anything, but it certainly would have been the high road to take instead of sitting there scowling. If South Korea can reach out to the North, why can't the US at least play along?


8 Feb 18: So now President Trumps wants a big military parade. Although I am a retired military officer, I am NOT in favor. Every penny that would be spend to mount such a display ought to go to helping our veterans.


7 Feb 18: Dueling memos: I'm waiting to see the Dems' memo and whether they set a trap for Trump in it by including sensitive information that Trump would have to redact, at which point the Dems could then claim that Trump made the changes for political purposes. The only way we will know the truth about the dossier and its role in the FISA warrants is for us to see the actual warrants.


3 Feb 18: The memo is out! For two weeks all we've heard from the Democrats and their media mouthpieces is that the memo should never be made public because it would jeopardize US security and the world as we know it would end. Hmmm, that doesn't seem to have happened and now the same crowd is saying that the memo is a "nothing burger". My goodness, how quickly their song changed. Now, having said that, I now want to see the Dems memo AND the actual FISA warrant used to surveil Carter Page. Only with the raw data will we see what really happened.


3 Feb 18: The media seem to have suddenly discovered that there is a stock market. For the past 16 months they have ignored the record rise in the market. But all of sudden after yesterday's 660 point drop, they decided that is worth mentioning.


2 Feb 18: So here we sit awaiting the release of the now-famous FISA memo by the House Intelligence Committee. Democrats and the media are going nuts over this, citing security concerns and an impending Constitutional crisis if the memo is released. There must be something to the memo in that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired less than 24 hours after his boss, Christopher Wray, read the memo, indicating that there was some pretty incriminating evidence in the memo that made Wray decide that McCabe had to be removed immediately. Forty years ago the Washington Post and the New York Times went all the way to the Supreme Court in their fight to print the classified Pentagon Papers. What's the difference between then and now? The probable revelations of the FISA memo don't fit the goals of the left and the media and therefore must be suppressed. Very interesting when you consider the slogan on the Washington Compost's banner: "Democracy dies in darkness". Wouldn't you think that a paper that makes that claim would be in favor of releasing the memo? The FBI and DOJare naturally against the release of the memo because it apparently reveals the illegal activities of top officials. This is NOT a matter of national security; rather it is a coverup. #release the memo!

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