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May 2018

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18 May 18: On Wednesday President Trump was asked a question about the notorious MS-13 gang. In his response, Trump referred to gang menbers as "animals". Well, that has certainly set off the liberal loonies, who have totally mis-characterized his comments as applying to all immigrants. Nancy Pelosi, one of the looniest of the bunch, was on the tube yesterday shaming Trump for calling immigrants animals. C'mon, Nancy and friends - you're always complaining about Trump's Fake News, but here you are pedaling some falsehoods yourselves.


18 May 18: Nice to see that President Trump ha a sense of humor. You've probably heard about the "Yanny" vs "laurel" debate that has gone viral recently. In response to all the to-do over it, Trump tweeted that what he heard was "covfefe", his famous mis-tweet from a year or  so ago.


10 May 18: Isn't it time to indict John Kerry for his illegal attempts to salvage the Iran nuclear deal? Remember the Logan Act that was cited repeatedly regarding Gen Michael Flynn last year? As a member of the incoming administration, he certainly had a right to be making contacts with foreigh governments. John Kerry is a has-been senator and Secretary of State who is now a mere citizen just like you and me and has no business interfering in the Iran deal and should be held acountable.


9 May 18: My hat is off to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his decision to uphold the law in regard to illegal immigrants - it's long overdue. Will someone please explain to me why liberals hold illegal aliens in higher regard than they do citizens like you and me? They seem to lump all immigrants, legal and illegal, into the same group. Our country was built by immigrants who came here legally. I'll venture that virtually no US citizen has a problem with legal immigration. It's the folks coming across the border illegally that people resent. For these illegals to stay here, all they have to do is claim that they are refugees who would be in danger in their home country. They are then released into our country and told to appear for an asylum hearing...and most are never heard from again. My question is: why isn't it policy that these refugees apply for asylum in their home country? Let the local US embassy, who is most familiar with conditions there,make the decision - then the immigrant can make the trek north, showing up at the border with a piece of paper that says they have been given refugee status. Yes, it might take a long time to get that status, but it takes other folks trying to immigrate to the US years to succeed. We also need to be realistic; people live in danger all around the world, do liberals really think we can absorb them all? Why isn't the United Nations looking out for these victims?


3 May 18: News reports say that aggresive actions by the Iranian Navy in the Straits of Hormuz have diminished greatly in the past six months. Hmmm, could that be because the Iranians recognize that there is a new sheriff in town, so to speak, who isn't a milquetoast like his predecesor. Perhaps they realize that the US Navy today might have different rules of engagement that would allow them to shoot at harassing Iranian boats that get too close. Good!


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