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July 2017

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29 Jul 17: Wowee! As my legions of loyal fans know, I'm basically a Trump supporter, but I gotta tell you I'm a wee bit disappointed in my man this past week. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was one of Trump's first and most vocal supporters, and here's Trump belittling him in public with those blasted tweets. Trump expects loyalty to him, but he doesn't seem to have any for those who work for him. Then we have Anthony (the Mooch) Scaramucci coming on-board as Communications Director, claiming that he reports directly to Trump, not to the Chief of Staff, whom the Mooch accused of being one of the White House leakers. Poor Reince Priebus - can't blame him for stepping down yesterday after the Mooch's foul-mouthed tirade about him. Then today we see General John Kelly moving from the Department of Homeland Security to take the reins as Chief of Staff. Hmmm, I wonder how well the General and the Mooch will play together? Could be quite interesting.
17 Jul 17: In Venezuela people are protesting in the streets against socialism; here in the USA, protesters are rioting in the streets in favor of socialism. So why don't all the liberal know-it-alls just move to Venezuela?
13 Jul 17: Gee, would you say that CNN is a victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome? Yesterday's "New Day" show on that network spent 93% of its time on the Trump-Russia collusion story, mainly focusing on Donald Trump Jr's meetings with the Russian lawyer. Too bad CNN hadn't made a similar effort to cover Bill Clinton's collusion with China during the 1996 campaign or on the Clinton Foundation's pay-to-play schemes.
11 Jul 17: Seems to me I recall listening to all the Republicans running for Congress last year repeating over and over again "Repeal and replace, repeal and replace." And many of them got elected based on that mantra. And now they have proved once again that a politician does not have the guts to actually do what he said he would do! I also fault them for having wasted the past seven years by not having developed a "comprehensive" plan to replace Obamacare. So what's going to happen now? Obamacare will continue to fall apart until something absolutely forces the pols to do something....anything. Obama and the Democrats were pretty clever: they purposely crafted Obamacare so that it would fail and the only solution is their beloved single-payer, government-run health system. When that happens, we'll end up with cases like 11-month old Charlie Gard in England, where the government has decreed that little Charlie must die because he has a disease with very little chance of a cure. But his parents are fighting for Charlie and want to bring him to the US where they have been told there are some possible experimental treatments that might save Charlie. His parents have no rights in the United Kingdom to control his healthcare - it's up to the government. Coming soon to our shores!
10 Jul 17: Are you as sick of this Russian collusion crap as I am? Where's the beef?

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