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November 2017

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29 Nov 17: Nancy Pelosi is whining once again - this time about the empty chairs with her and Chuck Schumer's names on them at the White House meeting yesterday. Well duh, Nancy, you're the one who decided not to show up.


28 Nov 17: So proud to be an American taxpayer, sending my dollars to Washington so that sleazy members of Congress can use it to pay off their accusers of sexual harassment.


20 Nov 17: Poor Lois! IRS scalawag Lois Lerner and her deputy, Holly Paz, are fighting in court to keep her testimony reagrding the Tea Party harassment sealed in perpituity. Forever! They claim that if made public, her comments would inflame the public and bring threats and harassment to them and their families. If my memory serves me, didn't she say she did nothing wrong? So if she did nothng wrong, why is the public going to be so enraged as to be a threat to her? Now if she were jail, where she should be, she wouldn't have to worry about threats from the public.


17 Nov 17: The NFL is not happy with the proposed tax bill and is lobbying big-time against it. Why? Because the bill eliminates the ability to use tax-free bonds to finance the construction of new stadiums. That would save taxpayers $200 million over the next decade. With our federal debt at $20 trillion, it seems like there are lots of better things we could spend that money on besides lining the pockets of fat-cat team owners. Let them pay for their own stadiums.


15 Nov 17: Roy Moore - now there's an interesting mess. Who knows if the allegations agaist him are true or not? They might well be, as many so-called righteous, moral individuals have been found to be guilty of the very things they rail against. But I thought we had a theory that individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Based on that, it seems like the people of Alabama ought to be the ones to decide if they want Moore to represent them in the Senate. And how does Bubba Clinton get a pass for his rapes and sexual assaults of women? Even in this day of the the Harvey Weistein allegations and charges against many others, there is still no outrage over Bill's crimes. Just another of the many double-standards we find in our society.


14 Nov 17: It was quite interesting to Attorney General Jeff Sessions testify in Congress today. The Democrats did their best to make him to be a complete liar and expressed outrage that he could even think about investigating Hillary for all her crimes. Apparently their theory is that if you run for office and lose, you are excused for all illegal behavior and are above the law. But if you run and win, then you're fair game.


9 Nov 17: Yesterday Las Vegas launched a new driverless shuttle bus. Two hours after the ribbon crashed.  Not very inspiring. Which leads to a very important question: how does a driverless car pump its own gas? Or if electric, plug itself in?


9 Nov 17:Did you catch the videos of the lunatic lefties yesterday celebrating the first anniversay of President Trump's election? Screaming at at the sky like werewolves underr a full moon. Check out this idiocy.


8 Nov 17: It's really a disgrace that the media can report only negative things about President Trump. Like him or not. here are some facts about his time in office:

 - Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 29%

- The unemployment rate is is down to 4.1%, lowest in 17 years

- The number of unemployed fell by 1.1 miliion since January

- Applications for unemployment benefits hit a 44-year low

- The Consumer Confidence Index is the highest in 17 years


4 Nov 17: I think President Trump is missing a great opportunity. While on his Asia trip this week he ought to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in that little blue building at Panmunjom in the DMZ. Who knows - both of them are wacky characters and they just might hit off and be able to come to an understanding. Couldn't hurt to try.


3 Nov 17: I am disgusted!  Actually that doesn't come close to how I really feel. Army deserter Bo Bergdahl will not do ANY prison time for leaving his post. His defense apparently was successful in convincing the military judge that Bergdahl had suffered enough while in Taliban captivity. So all he gets is a dishonorable discharge and a loss of some pay for 10 months. What a slap in the face for the proud members of our military, and in particular Army National Guard Master Sergeant Mark Allen, who was shot in the head while searching for Bergdahl. Allen can not speak and is spending the rest of his life in a wheel-chair. Others were also wounded during the search efforts.


3 Nov 17: So Bernie was right - the Democratic party's nomination was totally rigged to ensure that Hillary would win. Donna Brasile, who took over the DNC when Debbie Wasserman-Schults was forced to resign, has revealed how Hillary gained complete control of the DNC a year before the Democratic convention. She had control over the DNC's finances, staff hiring and even party communications - Brasile had to submit press releases to Hillary's campaign headquarters for approval. Isn't democracy wonderful?


2 Nov 17: There is a lot of outrage across America because of the treatment of the NYC terrorist who mowed down pedestrians and bicyclists the other day. Almost immediately he was read his Miranda rights, which shut off any questioning that might help thwart future attacks. Unfortunately the guy is a legal resident of the US, although not a citizen, and is thus subject to constitutional rights afforded all legal residents. What needs to happen is to have the dolts in the DC swamp get off their butts and declare war on the Islamic State Caliphate. With such a declaration they become soldiers, enemy combatants, under the terms of the Geneva Accords. We could then hold these terrorists as POW's and send them all to Gitmo until the declared war is over.


1 Nov 17: "Democracy Dies in Darkness" - so proclaims the Washngton Post's banner. How very true....and how sad that our internet bigshots like Google and Facebook contribute to that darkness with their censorship of conservative speech. Google has announced a partnership with liberal George Soros' Poynter Institute to provide "fact checking" that influence what appears in Google search results. Somehow I don't see Soros' influence as been fair and unbiased. Another example: Amazon removed negative reviews of Hillary's latest book. Need more? Facebook removed positive stories about conservative issues that were "trending". Seems like these companies have taken it upon themselves to destroy our First Amendment right to free speech. It's time to revise Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act that protects these tech giants from liability over what their users post. That same section allows them to remove content even if it is constitutionally protected content. Gee, I wonder why these companies have been steadily increasing their lobbying (aka bribery) in Washington? Once again the common folk like you and me fail to have our interests served by the swamp in DC.

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