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Camp Blanding Training Site, FL


Camp Blanding is located southwest of Jacksonville, FL, near the town of Starke. It is a 72,000 acre facility, with most base activities located around the shore of Kingsley Lake. The campground is open to the public, but an "Associate Membership" is required.

904 682-3104

In Feb 06, we were assigned site # PRV-1, one of the newest sites. As you can see, it has a wide, level cement slab with full E/W/S hookups. And a great view of Kingsley Lake. There are 5 of these sites located in the south end of the "primitive" campground.

This is the road through the "RV" campground, which is just north of the "primitive" CG. The lake is just to the left of the road. There are 20 full hookup (E/W/S) sites in this loop.

There are also 12 grassy RV sites in the "primitive" loop. These have E/W hookups.

The "primitive" CG contains 57 tent and pop-ups sites, with water hookups only.

There are two small, but adequate bathhouses with hot showers - both are located in the "primitive" loop. There is no bathhouse in the "RV" park; it's a short walk over to these. During our Feb 06 stay, the water wasn't very hot.

Sunsets at Kingsley Lake are usually pretty nice. Our site (PRV-1) offered a great view of the lake.


41 RV sites (W/E), some FHU: $20-$25

57 tent sites: $14

Dump station, Hot showers

Reservation required

Coorrdinates: 29.952527N, 81.991172W


Boating, fishing, hunting, swimming

Military museum