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Lake Bruin State Park, LA

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Located in northeastern Louisiana, about 30 miles north of Vidalia, Lake Bruin State Park is located on an oxbow lake that was once part of the Mississippi River. Now cut off from the river, the long narrow lake is a favorite of fishermen. The park consists of 48 campsites, a boat ramp, fishing piers and a swimming area.

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A few days before our arrival we had checked the reservation system and it was apparent there would be no problem getting a site, even on a Friday. That turned out to be true - plenty of sites to choose from when we arrived at noon. We were a bit miffed by Louisiana's policy of charging the $6 reservation fee to walk-ins.

We selected site 25, back a bit from the water, but a bit more private and with a nice view of the lake.

Date of visit: March 2014

lake bruin17
Entering the campground area, this is the view of the sites closest to the river, sites 1-25.

lake bruin03
Sites 24-20 are along the south end of the campground. Each site also has a fire grill and a raised barbeque.

lake bruin04
Sites 22-17. The two trailers are on sites 20 and 18, right at the water's edge. The waterfront sites are considered premium sites and fetch an extra two dollars.

lake bruin05
Sites 15, 13 and 7 are also waterfront sites.

lake bruin07
More waterfront sites: 5,4,2 and 1.

lake bruin18
The campground is sort of divided in two by a low levee; our site, 25, was right on top of it. Behind it is another loop of campsites, which are nice sites, but without much of a view of the lake. These are sites 42 and 41.

lake bruin19
The sites in the back loop, such as 45, all have a raised tent pad as well as a paved parking area.

lake bruin20
Sites 27, 28 and 30.

lake bruin21
Site 29 is one of three pull-through sites; the others are 26 and 19.

lake bruin22
If you'd like to be near the bathhouse, site 44 is the one for you.

lake bruin24
Site 31 has a huge tree that's situated just right to provide welcome shade in the summer.

lake bruin25
Furthest back from the lake are sites 32-36.

lake bruin27
Out along the shore near sites 16-20 is this fishing pier. Campers can also tie their boats up there for the night.

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There is a modern bathhouse in the center of the campground. It was clean, offered free hot showers and also had a laundry room with two washers and two dryers - $.75 a load. The park needs to devote some attention to the shower heads - most put out only a trickle of water.

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All along the shoreline are large cypress trees.

lake bruin09
There's a nice play area for the kids and a large pavilion for group events.

lake bruin10
Here's a puzzlement: there is a large cement pad about 40 feet square with 4 "things" mounted in a square. We have no idea what they are. Is it a water-gun game, perhaps?

lake bruin11
Here's a close-up of one of the "things".

Update: I asked a ranger about this and yes, it is a water game. Those "guns" shoot water 6'-8'. Three of the guns are broken and it costs $500 to replace just one, so the park is going to convert them to simple sprinklers.

lake bruin12
I'm sure the beach is popular with the kids in the summer.

lake bruin26
There's a boat ramp which seemed to be quite popular. Nearby is a dock with some covered slips.

lake bruin14
While I was down at the beach this egret was standing there and just as I raised the camera he took off.

lake bruin15
I also found this large turtle sunning on a log.


48 campsites with W/E(20/30/50A) hookups

12 Premium sites: $20/night, Oct-Mar; $24/night, Apr-Sept

36 Improved sites: $18/night, Oct-Mar; $26/night, Apr-Sept

Golden Age Pass honored for AR, LA and MD residents

Dump station, showers, laundry, free wi-fi

Poor VZW coverage

Coordinates: 31.961931 North, 91.200783 West

Elevation: 72'