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  • TRC Model 34520 Surge Protector

    We had been lucky for seven years when hooked up to shore power - no power surges, etc. But on the theory that our time may be running out, I decided to install a hard-wired surge protector. With the hard-wired version, it's always there protecting us and I don't have to worry about theft.

    Note: Please see Update near the bottom



    The first step was to figure out where to put it and prepare a mounting for it. Fortunately in the RB, there is lots of space right beside the converter/charger/automatic transfer switch. I installed a short length of 2x2 on the floor and a cleat on the back of the framing at the upper left. When installed, the surge protector will be facing the camera, just inside the cupboard under the refrigerator. 



     Probably the trickiest part was wiring the surge protector so it would protect us on both shore power and when the generator is operating. Thanks to Larry W., I had very clear instructions. In the center background, are the new feeds (with orange cable insulation) to and from the surge protector that intercept the main feed out of the ATS. The wire nuts are on the connections for the "input" line to the surge protector.



    These are the two lines that go to/from the surge protector. I labled them so I'd know which one was which. 



    Here the surge protector has been mounted and the wires connected. Clamps on the back of the mounting board securely hold the two cables. 

    Here's the end result. If we suspect a problem with the shore power, it's easy to open the cupboard door to take a look at the indicator lights. 



    I cannot recommend this unit. After several years of use, we came dangerously close to having a fire that could have destroyed our RV. One of the terminal strip screws loosened and caused some sparking. Some of the blame goes to me for failing to check the connections once or twice a year.

    I replaced it with a Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C 30 Amp RV Surge Protector, which seems to be much better-built device. The wire connections are much more secure. It also features a separate read-out unit that can be mounted anywhere so it's very easy to monitor the status of the power supply.