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Montana: Little Bighorn Battlefield


Little Bighorn Battlefield is located in southeast Montana, about 65 miles east of Billings. It was the site of the infamous Custer's Last Stand, on 25 Jun 1876, when he and his men were annihilated by the Indians.

Scattered through the battlefield are markers such as these that designate where soldiers fell.

Date of visit: Jun 2008

custer08  More recently markers were added to show where some of the Indian warriors perished. 
 In 2003 a new memorial was unveiled, dedicated to the many tribes and individuals involved in the Battle.  custer10
 custer12  A quote of Crazy Horse, part of the Indian memorial.
 From Last Stand Hill one can look off to the south and see the area where the Indian encampments were located along the Little Bighorn River.  custer13

 Looking up at Last Stand Hill, where Custer and his men met their fate.


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